“Zero Click” Ads on Sedo.com Parked Domains

I recently noticed some “zero click” ads appearing on a couple domains I have parked at Sedo.com   And a few posts on Twitter by other domain owners seemed to back this up.

What does this mean for domain owners?

What are “zero click” ads?  “Zero click ads” happen when you visit a domain name and are redirected to an advertisment without having to click on any ads.  For example, if you typed a domain name into your Brower window and went to that domain it would then take you seamlessly to a landing page for the company paying for that traffic (ie. Groupon, etc). That is why it is called “zero click” – you don’t have to click on any ads. It’s automatic.

This is very important for domain owners for two reasons.

One, we all want to be paid the highest we can for traffic we sell. I don’t know the ramifications of sending all the traffic from a domain I own to one single advertiser. Does this mean they are buying the traffic for more than another advertiser would be willing to pay? The positive side of having zero-click ads on my domain is that it is making some revenue, maybe more than if it was not using these ads.

Secondly, this is important because having your domains on zero-click means the “this domain may be for sale” link will not appear to visitors to your domain (because they are taken directly to the advertisers page). Selling domains is an important part of my strategy, so its not acceptable to me that visitors to my domain would not see a “this domain may be for sale” link. How can I sell the domain if visitors don’t know it’s for sale and have a system to purchase it?  Sedo.com does offer a “Sales Lander” template in their parking optimization options – so switching solely to that option may be solve that problem. Other alternatives is to abandon the sedo.com listing and build my own landing page, or switch parking providers, etc.

What do you think?  Are “zero click” ads causing a problem for your domain sales strategy, and what can we do about it?

  1. Samit says:

    Are we really making revenue?

    As far as I can see the domains being redirected like this don’t show any parking revenue at all.

    Plus like you say, with zero click buyers never get to see a ‘for sale’ page, kind of defeats the purpose of parking at sedo, which as it is one of the lowest payout guys for parking.

    • admin says:

      Hey Samit,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I checked one of my domains at Sedo I know is getting “zero-click” ads and yes, it is making some parking revenue – around 1 cent per click! I think what is happening is there may not be any advertisers bidding for traffic on this domain, so Sedo is monetizing it to the lowest bidder (zero click advertisers). It’s not alot of revenue, but then it’s better than nothing.

      I’ll have to evaluate whether this low revenue is better than what is was making before. Like you commented – with such low revenue and no visible “for sale” link, it may defeat the purpose of parking.

  2. John Kesler says:

    Does anyone know how to convert your domains into zero click in sedo?

  3. admin says:

    Hi John,

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know on some of my domains they appeared automatically. Sedo must serve different types of ads (either PPC or zero click) to generate revenue. I’m thinking that possibly they may not have had an advertiser for specific keywords on a domain, so they may take the next option of serving up zero click ad results in their place (just guessing).

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