Where Do We FOCUS in 2013?

Did you achieve what you wanted to in 2012?  I was looking through my monthly planner from last year and assessing how I did reaching my business goals.  What always surprises me is how quickly things change.

Each year I write down my Top 5 Goals for the Year, then break it down into monthly targets, weekly “to do” lists and then into daily tasks.  I find that internet marketing, and more specifically, domain business, is a series of ongoing TESTING to see what works and what doesn’t work.  So my goals for the year might remain the same, but my strategy changes according to the results of my testing.  My mantra going into 2012 was to FOCUS ON SELLING, because without selling anything I wouldn’t be in business long.  So, I tested different selling tactics through the year and looking back in my planner I could see the results I’d recorded and then my strategy adjustments.

Strategies also changed because of changes in the marketplace.  There are many niches in the domain business, but when behemoths such as Google make waves, it rocks everyone’s boat.  Google has squeezed parking revenues and Google has squeezed low-quality web sites such as sites with little valuable content on crappy domain names.  So whether you are in the business of buying/selling domain names, monetizing domains, developing websites, or generating leads, etc. – it’s a good time to focus on quality rather than quantity.

That’s my new mantra for 2013 – FOCUS ON QUALITY.  As I do every year, I’ve taken a look back to learn from the past year and written down my goals for the new year. Some goals for my business have changed, and so have the strategies.  I’m always testing things and depending how this month goes, my tactics may change – but the goals remain the same.

Last year my focus was on SALES, and this year it’s on QUALITY. If I can do the two together, that’s a pretty good combination.  So whether you are just thinking of starting a small business online, or you have been online for years and trying to find a profitable path, here’s a few small suggestions that may help you along:

1) SELL – business is about selling, giving value in exchange for money. So make sales.  It’s priority #1.

2) FOCUS ON QUALITY NOT QUANTITY – whether it’s domains, websites, content or whatever, it’s better to have fewer better than lots of garbage

3) TEST AND ADJUST –  You need to find what works and you do that by testing. If it works then scale up and if it fails then adjust your tactics/strategy.

4) LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE – the web is a big place and things change fast. Take a step back and look at the industry, market and niche you are thinking about. How will you make money? Is there a better way to make money? Where would you rather be?

5) COPY SUCCESS – Look at successful business people, learn how they did it.  Read, research, learn – copy success.

I wish you all MUCH SUCCESS in 2013!



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