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Should You Register both the .CA & COM for Your Business?

A common question from business owners in Canada registering domain names is “should I register both the .com and the .ca for my business?”

Let’s dig a bit deeper so you can understand what is best for your situation. The “.ca” domain is the domain country code extension for Canada. The “.com” is a “commercial” domain name extension that has become the defacto global domain used around the world and is definitely “king” of all extensions. Most countries in the world have their own country domain; for example United Kingdom has “co.uk” and China has “.cn” and India has “.in” etc.  In some countries it is more common for businesses to use the country code extension rather than the .com. In Canada it is a combination – you will commonly see both in use.  And in many cases, Canadian business owners register both for their business (if available).

That is what I would recommend to you – register both if you can.

There are many reasons you should try to “own” both the .ca and .com:

  • Control Your Branding – by owning the local .ca and the global .com you control your brand and prevent someone from edging into your “turf” by owning one of the others.
  • Control Your Traffic – by owning both, you prevent “leaking” customers to the other site you don’t own. For example, if your business website is at  “MyBizInCanada.com” you wouldn’t want your customers to forget that you were on the .com and accidentally go to the .ca site. If they accidentally typed in the .ca (MyBizInCanada.ca) and that site was owned by a competitor, you could potentially lose business.
  • Control Your Options – by owning both, you give yourself options. You can use one as your main site and redirect the other. Or if your business grows, you can make the .com a “global” business site and the .ca specifically targeting the Canadian market.

If possible, it’s best to try and get both the .com and the .ca for your Canadian business – it’s not a “must” but it is a good idea. Also, if someone already owns either the .com or the .ca, you could try buying it directly from them.  Contact the domain owner directly and ask if its for sale, or look at some of the domain marketplaces like SEDO or AFTERNIC, because it may already be listed for sale!

To recap, it is a good idea to register/own both the .ca and .com for your business in Canada. It’s not a “must”, as you can build on either one of them, but generally a good idea to own both to help your business grow in the future.




Where to Register .ca Canadian Domain Names

Where is the best place to register .ca (Canadian) domain names?  Depends on what is most important to you – price, support, added services, etc.

I’ve been registering domains for quite a few years and I’ll give you a couple suggestions based on registrars I currently use.  I choose domain registrars for different reasons, depending on what I am doing with the domain such as reselling it or managing it for clients or developing it to a full website. 

LOW PRICE – some people already know the technical aspects of registering and managing domain names. All they want is a good price.  This is understandable, especially if you start to get into larger quantities of domains, or working with clients that have larger #’s of domains they own.  From my own experience, I’ve seen .ca domain prices range from about $10 to $45. Within this range comes all different kinds of services and support. If price is most important to you, my suggestion is CLICK HERE > www.GoDaddy.com  

PERSONAL SUPPORT – when you are stuck and need some help NOW, nothing beats picking up the phone or emailing a company and getting a quick reply with the help you need.   I don’t like submitting a “ticket” and then having to wait 24-48 hours or longer, not knowing when I’ll get a response.  If you don’t know the technical details of registering and transfering domains, along with forwarding, changing dns, setting up email, etc. etc. then I’d suggest you go with a registrar that offers good technical support. It’s worth spending an extra buck or two rather than wasting hours of your valuable time trying to figure why things won’t work for you. My suggestion for good support is CLICK HERE > Namespro.

ADDITIONAL WEB SERVICES – domain names are just the start of your presence on the internet.  It make it easier if your registrar can help you with the many other services you may want building your internet presence. This could include website hosting, website design tools, search engine optimization tools, ecommerce tools such as shopping carts, add-ons such as blogs, etc. CLICK HERE > www.GoDaddy.com

There are plenty of good domain name registrars out there. Where you choose to register your .ca domain really depends on what is most important to you; price, support, or added services. 


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