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If you want to buy domains for sale, you have a few different places to buy and types of domains to buy. For example, you can buy expiring domains or you can buy domains already registerd by other owners, or you can buy names for sale at public auctions. The links below connect you to some of the world’s largest domain name marketplaces.

> Snapnames specializes in selling expiring domains. Thousands of previously registered domains expire every day!

> SEDO is one of the world’s largest marketplaces for domains for sale.

> Godaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar and they feature a huge database of domains for sale. It includes domains for sale at auction, lists of expiring domain names, and domains for sale by other current domain owners. Also, you can search if domains are available to register and purchase.

> There are many other specialized domain marketplaces where domains are bought and sold such as event auctions, expiring domain “catching” services such as Namejet, and “geo” marketplaces that specialize in domains from certain country extensions.  Links are provided below, or research your own marketplace to find the domain you want.


Domain Auctions: Find, Buy & Sell Domain Names


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