My Expiring .COM Picks – Friday, March 6, 2015

Looking for some good expiring .com’s?   A couple “pick lists” I use to like to watch have stopped posting…….and I still want to see top picks, so I thought I’d make my own list!  Here’s what I found dropping tomorrow (please post a comment about what you think are best, etc). Cheers!

Godaddy Expiring Domains: – 1 bid, aged 11 years. Great domain for a domain name service! – 35 bids to $504. Sounds like a great brandable to me…one of those that could be applied to many different industries. – 26 bids to $195.  My first thought would be an excellent business site for lost cell phones.


Expiring (can backorder at Snapnames before deadline):  –  good short domain. Could be for the music industry, or food and beverage tools (mixers). –  just sounds cool to me.  Some smart kid working away somewhere at a tech startup is thinking of a new business idea for videos and will want it. –  potentially a great brandable – 4 letter acronym



Disclaimer: These picks are based on my own research and opinions, so before you buy, be sure to due your own research (including checking any trademarks, etc.).  My picks may also contain some affiliate links, and if you do purchase a domain through one of our picks, I thank you.


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