My Picks of Expiring .COM – Thursday, March 5, 2015

Looking for some picks of good expiring .com’s?   Lately I’ve noticed a couple “pick lists” aren’t being published anymore…..I still want to see top picks, so I thought I’d make my own list!  Here’s what I found dropping tomorrow (please post a comment about what you think are best, etc). Cheers!

Godaddy Expiring Domains: – 55 bids  – everyone should have a “to do” box – 10 bids  – good brandable – aged 13, 1 bid – good brandable for payday loans site – aged 9, 1 bid – another good brand for anything re: climate change – aged 6, 1 bid – could be a great brand for cruise ship reviews – traffic 926 last 30 days (9 bids), aged 15. Dieting and health is huge!

Expiring (pending delete):  – cooking shows are big (must be pre-ordered by march 4th, 9 pm PST) – 1900 exact google searches/month $1.46 ppc – haha! funny…….the ideas are endless – a name, character, geo and more – acronym – Vegas!  need we say more? – losing weight is always a big moneymaker




Disclaimer: These picks are based on my own research and opinions, so before you buy, be sure to due your own research (including checking any trademarks, etc.).  My picks may also contain some affiliate links, and if you do purchase a domain through one of our picks, I thank you.

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