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Don’t Make this Mistake When Setting up WordPress

Are you setting up a new website/blog on WordPress?  You have an important decision to make early on that will have major impact on “building your brand” – the address.

When setting things up, you will have the option to locate your site on the WordPress address (ie. or to “self-host” on your own domain name (ie.   This is important > get your own domain name and setup your site/blog address on your domain property (  Do not build your brand and your business on anything but your own domain.

Here’s why:

1) Own Your Location – Owning your own domain is the equivalent of owning your own piece of property on the internet. Your own store on main street. When building your brand and name recognition you want to build traffic and branding to your own store location (ie., not sending it to someone elses store window (ie.

Building your site on would be the equivalent of renting a window in someone elses store. If they move that store window, you are screwed. You have no control of what you can do in the future. Or if you move your store, people going to that old store window may not follow you.

2) Don’t Waste Your Branding Effort – If you spend lots of time and  money building your brand and traffic to a location, you want all the links and traffic you have built to continue to go to your location no matter what. If you own your own domain where the site/blog is located, you have the flexibility to change your site/blog and the traffic and links will not dissappear. The location will be the same. You want people to remember your location as “”, not “”

3) Flexibility & Details – there are other pros and some cons to hosting a blog/site on your own domain. For example, you will have to pay for your own hosting (a few $/month), and if traffic really grows, you will have to pay for that. An added benefit is you the flexibility of posting ads on your site such as Google adsense. And if you aren’t technically capable, you may want to just hire someone to help you set everything up.

For this blog I use WordPress – it is built on my own domain (  You can do your own research and decide which is a better choice for you > but if you are building a brand/business, the decision to build it on your own domain name is a smart one.

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