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Get Your Twitter ID Before its Gone

Not on Twitter yet?  If you aren’t, it’s a good idea to at least go open an account so you can have control of the Twitter ID that you would want (for you or your business). Here’s why –

Social media is huge, and it is affecting traffic flows to our sites and businesses.  The changes in SEO seem to happen weekly, as Google, Facebook and Twitter do their dances on the web.  I’m reading that Search Engine Optimization is becoming more and more about “social” recommendations. Your site’s rank in search engines is becoming more and more influenced by who is recommending, liking and following you.  It makes sense. It’s like your site is getting (or not getting) online reviews and recommendations.  This affects your traffic.  (but that is a subject for another post).

To help yourself in this changing online social world – you need to participate. Whether it’s with Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc.   At Twitter, each account has a “handle”. This short ID can be your name, keywords, your business name, etc.  BUT NO TWO NAMES ARE ALIKE – JUST LIKE DOMAIN NAMES!  So account names are taken on a first come first served basis.

This means you should, as quickly as possible, open your Twitter account so you at least have the name you want. “Tweet” later, but at least get the ID you want (if it’s not already taken).  Twitter handles have value, a value that is rising, especially if they are similar to one-word keyword generic domain names.  My Twitter handle is @domainassets   – just like the name of my blog.

Opening a Twitter account is easy and FREE. Just got to and submit your name, email, password and they will help you select an ID.

You can then “follow” other people “tweeting” messages you are interested in. You can follow me on Twitter at    @domainassets


I’ve Reached 200 Followers on Twitter – So What?

Today I passed the 200 mark of people following me on Twitter.  “So what” you say? Well, the small milestones are important for entrepreneurs.  And they should be celebrated. They give us perspective on where we came from, where we are, and where we are aiming for. Here’s my 3 thoughts on achieving this small goal of 200 Twitter followers.

A) I’m thankful – thankful that 200 entrepreneurs, business owners and domain investors get value out of what I have to “tweet”.  Maybe it’s helpful to their business or maybe the links help them learn from others.  200 may not seem like alot compared to some others, but my “followers” and business network is consistently growing every day. Next goal – how fast to 1,000?

B) Why do I Care? For those of us on Twitter, why are we there?  I think we all have different reasons. I’m still learning the social aspects of Twitter and the way I use it continues to change as I keep learning. The clearest benefit to me as a solo entrepreneur, is it connects me. It connects me to fellow entrepreneurs, domain investors, etc. It’s social networking on the web. And it works just like other networks – we can meet and get to know eachother and help eachother and learn from eachother too.  It’s helping me grow my business network. And when you work alone, as I do, and people in your industry/network span the globe, if just makes you feel good to be connected to others.

C) What’s next?  Growth – meeting more people, working with more people, doing more business. Having more success. That’s what we all want. Blogging and tweeting are just new ways of communicating, still doing business, but instead of reaching out to eachother through newspapers and mail we are doing it through blogs and tweets.

I hope you continue to get value from my blog/tweets, learn and have a few laughs too.  Thanks for reading/following. Tell your friends – or Retweet?

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