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Record Number of Canadians Starting Own Businesses

A new report says a record number of Canadians are starting their own businesses.

The report from CIBC points to a sharp rise in Canadian entrepreneurship – more than half a million Canadians had started their own business in the past two years.

I’m not surprised, as the internet makes it easier than ever to “hang your shingle”.  I recently read the book “$100 Startup” by Chris Guilleabeau and he gives numerous examples of small businesses being started on the web quickly and cheaply.

The report points to specific factors driving the trend to starting your own business including: “the aging population — the over 50 crowd represents 30 per cent of all the new start-ups; technology like the Internet that makes the process easier; outsourcing by corporations to small firms; and the continued influx of immigrants, who represent a sizable section of the self-starters.”

I’m sure this trend is also evident in other countries. This highlights the continued growth of the “online economy” – increased $ being spent online.  All of these new businesses online will also need the “picks and shovels” which are domain names, hosting, web sites, advertising services, etc.

If you wish to read more, here’s the link to the story on CBC .


How to do a Domain Name Search

How do you do a basic domain name search? Before we can answer that, we have to ask “what information are you searching for?”  Are you searching to see if the domain is available to register? or are you searching to find who the current owner is?

There are many types of domain name searches and we’ll try to answer the question of “how to do a domain name search” depending on what information you are looking for.

1) You want to register the domain name – This is a simple search done at a domain name registar such as Every registrar has a search box where you key in the domain name you are searching for along with your desired extension. The extension can be .com which is most preferable for businesses. The .com means “commercial”. Dot org is preferable for non profit organizations, for example. Or you may choose your local country code extension – such as .ca for Canada or .us for United States.

The search result will show if the domain is available to be registered or not. If available, you can immediately register it! If it is already registered it may be listed for sale by the current owner, or you can contact the owner directly to enquire. Do a little digging to find out the current status of who owns the domain and what they are doing with it. You may even find that the domain registration has expired and you can “backorder” it.

2) You want to find out who the current owner is  – If a domain is already registered by someone else, you may want to do a search to find the current owner. This is called a simple “WHOIS” search. Some owners purchase “privacy protection” on their registration details which sheilds their registration from the public. But, if there is no privacy protection on the domain, doing a WHOIS search will show the name and contact details (such as email and phone and address) of the domain registrant. You can do  a WHOIS search at domain name registrars – just look for the WHOIS link or button.

3) You want to search for other domain information. – There is alot of other information you can search for on a domain name. This includes:

– domain history and archived pages

– domain age and number of previous “drops”

– similar domains

– trademarks or disputes involving the domain

– backlinks and old indexed pages on search engines

– appraisals and rankings of previous sites on the domain

There are many excellent sites on the web that can provide you free or more in-depth domain research for small fees. In many cases, just type in the domain you want to research and get instant info! A couple sites you may want to try are and

Whether you want to do a domain name search to register a new domain or find the owner of an existing domain there are many great tools available.  Do a little digging – you can find information to help you make good decisions with your domains and your business!

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