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Ex-Google Employee Reveals New World of SEO!

“To please Google with your SEO, forget about SEO”  – That’s one of the messages from an EX-Member of Matt Cutts’s Search Quality team, Andre Weyher.

Do you want to know what Google is thinking, how SEO has changed, and tips for your site in the future?  Read on!  I found a recent interview with this ex-member of Google’s inner search team posted on

The interview has important insights into how Google’s search team thinks. For example, Andre talks about Google’s obvious goals and focus –  “…focus is fighting spam and keeping Google’s search results clean so that the user gets the best possible experience. This is a very important thing for Google ….Google’s entire earning model relies on the good quality of the organic results, if people didn’t trust organic, they would stop using search and not click on ads anymore.”

This is evident in Google’s recent algorithm updates to reduce “spammy” content such as Penguin and Panda, and more tweaks are on the way!  “I think the message Google is sending is very clear, they are fed up with people breaking the guidelines on an industrial scale and are coming down very hard on webmasters who do.”

So where do webmasters go from here?  Andre makes it clear that the world has changed – “At this stage a webmaster is out of his mind to still rely on techniques that were common practice 8 months ago.”  He recommends a few tactics that webmasters should focus on in future, and the most important being a GOOD DOMAIN NAME! – “First of all, choose your domain name wisely, having a good URL can give you a head start in the race. Good domains are still expensive and for a good reason.”

The interview is sprinkled with more good SEO tips and old tactics to avoid. For example, Google now puts more weight on the quality of your inbound links rather than the quantity. It’s more about “relevance”. And perhaps one of the most important messages, create good, valuable content that your audience will love and Google in return will love you.  Don’t try to manipulate the Google algorithm.

Lastly, search is evolving with Google moving towards more localized versions of search, as well as growing influence of “social” in search  (ie. Google+).

The entire interview and article is sprinkled with awesome information and provides a guide to where we go from here in SEO and website development.  A big “thank you” to for posting that interview – you can read their entire interview/post on their site at

Twitter Tips – What to Tweet

Are you wondering if your business needs to be on Twitter? Or maybe you are just looking for “tweet” ideas? 

I read a good article recently that answers some of these questions and gives advice on “What to Tweet”. I’d like to pass it on here because I think it has some great tips for small businesses.  The article was by Hollis Thomases titled “Twitter Tips: 11 Things to Tweet When You Have Nothing To Say”.

A few key points Hollis points out are: “One of the Golden Rules of Twitter is that you ought to “Give before you get.” In other words, don’t turn Twitter into a self-serving, one-way broadcast channel. Help your audience first and yourself second.”

Hollis goes on to say you can apply the 80/20 rule to your tweets – give 80% and then use the remaining 20% to share your products and services. This is good advice for small businesses who are wondering “why should I be on Twitter?”

This is a valid question because where we focus and spend our time and resources is important. The key point is that Twitter and social media are a form of marketing. A major shift is happening and its important for businesses to understand that Social Media is now directing growing amounts of traffic to businesses. Social media in essence is “telling” our customers where they should go. This article can help us understand some of the benefits of tweeting.

It also lists ideas for tweets which include:

  • Links to other people’s helpful content
  • News
  • New announcements or blog posts
  • Jobs available
  • Special offers, sales or discounts

So whether you and your business are already “sold” on Twitter, or you are just looking for ideas, this is a helpful read.

Here’s the link to the full article at Inc online.


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