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Banking and Financial Services firms will want this domain to make their company stand above the crowd in this highly competitive industry!

This premium domain name is both descriptive of the industry and memorable. It is niche focused, but broad enough to cover many different banking services. It is:

  • Brandable
  • Easy to say & use
  • Memorable
  • Passes the “radio test” (spells like it sounds)

Here are some consumer banking services your company can target with this domain:

– Consumer Loans and Mortgages

– Savings and Chequing accounts

– Investments and Retirement Plans

– Credit Cards and Insurance

This is a NO RESERVE auction.

  • Sales will be processed through the SEDO escrow service for a secure & safe transaction.


What’s the Best Day for your Domain Auction?

NameBio did an interesting bit of research into what was the best day of the week for your domain auction to close in order for you to get a better sale price.

They researched over 175,000 domain name auction results to reveal the best day of the week for your auction to close on. Their research included Namejet, Flippa, Godaddy and Sedo. While results varied slightly according to the auction venue the results were similar. The best day of the week for your auction to close to maximize your price is > WEDNESDAY!!

For more detail from Namebio on their research and results, visit their article link here.

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