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The Laptop Millionaire – Book Review

I always have a few books on the go related to business, internet marketing and so on. Markets change fast and we’re always learning!

One book I would like to highlight is called “THE LAPTOP MILLIONAIRE – How Anyone Can Escape the 9 to 5 and Make Money Online” by Mark Anastasi. Usually books with titles of this variety with words “how to” become a “millionaire”, and “make money online” make me a bit skeptical when I pick them up.  But with this one I was pleasantly surprised.

Mark, the author, starts out relating his “rags to riches” story, and it is inspiring. What appeals to me about this book though is what follows after the inspirational story – he dives right into concrete examples of small businesses online.

Mark delves into almost a dozen methods you can use to make money online by starting your small business; ebooks, email lists, SEO, youtube, facebook, twitter, fiverr, etc.  Each chapter lays out a structure of how to do it and examples of what others have accomplished.  These examples aren’t “get rich quick schemes” because there is lots of work involved, patience, trial and error, etc. But the path is laid out for the reader.

It’s important to note that Mark outlines the scale of #’s achieved in each example, whether it is #of subscribers, followers, “likes”, conversions and traffic, etc.   You have to volumes of traffic or subscribers in order to make money and their are no illusions here. No customers = no earnings.  That is a strength of this book in that it tells you what kind of volume you need to reach in order to make certain amounts of money.

One word of caution – the book does advocate a laptop lifestyle, similar to Tim Ferris and the 4-Hour Workweek.  While we would all love to be on a beach sipping cocktails while making money in our sleep, I am a strong believer in not encouraging anyone to quit their day-job before they have started earning enough money to replace that income. Especially if you have a family, it is too risky and can be too painful if you make the jump without first ensuring your fixed monthly costs are taken care of. The good news is any of the businesses in this book can be started and grown in your “off-hours”.

In summary, I was pleasantly surprised by this book – it’s a good read for anyone looking to start a small online business. Here is my affiliate link to the book at Amazon. – The Laptop Millionaire: How Anyone Can Escape the 9 to 5 and Make Money Online

Now what? Where do we go from here in 2012?

It’s that time….planning time.    Taking a hard look at the biz – seeing what went right and what went wrong, and why.  Now what, how do we plan for success?

I’m a big reader of successful people – their books, articles, and advice.  They are my mentors. I need them more than ever because I work alone and need access to their knowledge.   I’m a big follower of successful people because I believe in COPYING SUCCESS.  No need to reinvent the wheel or the process.  Learn from those who have been there, got through it, and made it to where you want to go.

I’ve finished taking a hard look at the reality of my business the past year and planning action for the coming months.  Here’s some tips to help you do the same.


1) Copy Success – find out what worked for others and do what they did

2) Take Action – try different things, test them quickly. most won’t work, but some will

3) Evaluate & Learn From Results – quickly drop things that don’t work and scale those that do. change tactics quickly when needed.

4) Repeat – don’t give up.  work hard. copy success


1) Determine your GOALS – what do you want to achieve. For me I attached sales figures to projects. And decided the #1 FOCUS for me this years is SALES.

2) Attach timelines to ACTION – what do you want to achieve by year end? Work backwards and plan what you have to accomplish each quarter to get there. Work backwards and list what you have to achieve each month to get there. Work backwards and list what you have to do each week to achive your monthly goals. Work backwards and list what are the key things you MUST DO today to achieve what you want to this week.

That’s it – copy success and take action to make it happen in 2012.  Work hard at it and change if you have to when results tell you to.  I’m looking forward to making it a great year!

And of course the learning never ends.  Since my mantra this year is “everything to do with selling”, I’m trying to learn more about being a better in that area.  It’s especially important when running a domain business, because it’s alot of fun buying domains!  So much that we sometimes forget we have to sell them too! (or monetizing the traffic – it’s all about giving the customer what they want).  Right now I’m reading a Dan Kennedy book about sales. He’s a well known “no BS” sales kind of guy.  In fact, the title of the book I’m reading is No B.S. Sales Success in the New Economy  –      It’s good – I’m learning.

Let’s all have a great year ahead!

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