Great Marketing using Domain Names

This past weekend my wife and I took a drive from Calgary to Kelowna and saw some great domain names along the way!  They were used by small businesses in creative marketing on signs and billboards along the side of the road.

The highway from Calgary to Kelowna is heavy traffic – the road through the Rocky mountains to the winery and orchard-filled Okanagan valley are filled with tourists. And tourists equal potential customers for the businesses in this area!  I saw some great use of domain names and signage, but one of two that really stood out for me were  (Osoyoos is a town/area in southern part of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia near the US border with Washington state).   The domain was written brightly on the sign which was an actual cottage chair – Brilliant!    The domain is a good one too – easy to understand.


Good use of domain name and billboard advertising on highway by

The other one that caught my attention was   – it was on a sign we passed in the town of Vernon, B.C.  It is for the business Padgett – The Small Business Pros which offers small business bookkeeping services.  Another brilliant piece of marketing by a small business. This is a great domain that is easy to remember, short, and relevant to their business (with a twist).  I still remembered it a day later after driving by it on the street – I only saw the sign for a few seconds.

There was of course many great signs we saw along the way, but these two stuck out in my mind for the use of good domains and combining it with the traditional use of signage to capture attention (and retention) – that’s some good marketing by these two businesses!

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