College Recruitment Domain For Sale Now on Flippa – Apply4School

College recruitment services are a highly competitive industry – and very lucrative!

Make your business stand above the crowd with this professional .com – a premium domain for College Education, Scholarships or Recruitment firms!

This premium domain name is both descriptive of the industry and memorable. It is niche focused, but broad enough to cover many different school services. It is:

  • Brandable
  • Easy to say & use
  • Memorable
  • Passes the “radio test”

Here are some school services you can target:

- College Recruitment and Admissions

- Scholarship Programs

- School Programs and Eligibility Requirements

- Individual School Applications


This is a NO RESERVE auction.

  • The winner will receive very quick transfer or push.
  •  ALL sales will be processed through Paypal or (Buyer pays fees)

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Executive Staffing Services Premium Domain For Sale Now at Flippa – ExecPersonnel – Premium domain for Executive Staffing, Recruitment or HR Consulting firms!

Executive personnel services are a highly competitive industry – and very lucrative!

Make your company stand above the crowd with this professional .com!

This premium domain name is both descriptive of the industry and memorable. It is niche focused, but broad enough to cover many different executive HR services. It is:

  • Brandable
  • Easy to say & use
  • Memorable
  • Passes the “radio test” (spells like it sounds)

Here are some executive personnel services you can target:

– Executive search and placement

– Temporary executive staffing

– Executive screening and reference checks

– resume writing and interview training

This is a NO RESERVE auction.

  • The winner will receive very quick transfer or push
  • The domain is at
  • ALL sales will be processed through Paypal or (Buyer pays fees)

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I have other .com listings at Flippa with low/no reserves and GREAT DEALS!

Thanks for visiting – I’d be happy to answer any questions – please post your bids now!

Block of 15 Travel Domains for Sale Now at Flippa

Are you looking to acquire TRAVEL and hotel related domain names?

I’ve just listed a block of 15 Travel, Hotel, and Geo domain names For Sale at Flippa in a short 3-day auction.

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No Reserve Auction at Flippa – Traffic Tips domain

What does every online business want? TRAFFIC of course!

The killer domain Traffic Tips .info is now up for auction at Flippa – NO RESERVE!


The site has carved out a good niche for domain entrepreneurs to buy and sell their websites and domains. In recent months we’ve seen the rise of .info domains especially, as a good source of keyword-rich domains that can be a reputable source of online information.

We have listed Traffic Tips .info for a short No Reserve auction on Flippa ending soon. To view the auction and bid, go to the Flippa auction page now.


  •  UPDATE on our TEST at Flippa auctions:  This was our first auction at Flippa – we thought we would “test the waters” with a good keyword domain like “traffic tips” dot info. How did it go? Not great.  We had interest, roughly six bidders, but the bids were VERY low. And in the end, the winning bidder did not end up going through with the transaction because their Flippa account was suspended.

So how do we evaluate the results?  It cost us $29 to list the domain for auction (we didn’t buy any additional promotio offered by Flippa). (We promoted it heavily through our Twitter account and through a post on  this blog.)  Flippa also is charging us a $10 “success fee”, however we are disputing that because the domain did not successfully sell (the Buyer was suspended).  I don’t know why the Buyer was suspended, but “non-paying” bidders happens at every auction large or small.  Would a better domain have gotten better results? Maybe. But in the end this was a $29 loss (plus the lost time we spent on this auction listing and promotion).

UPDATE #2 –  I disputed the $10 “Success Fee” by submitting a simple form on the Flippa website. Quickly (within 24 hours) Flippa responded and agreed to my dispute and waived the $10 Success Fee. They also allowed me to relist my domain for auction for free, which I did.  I was able to make changes to the my original listing, which I did.  I shortened the auction to 5 days and put in a small minimum bid and small reserve sale amount. I’m interested to see if those small changes result in any better auction results.

UPDATE #3  – After I took up Flippa on their offer to relist (TrafficTips dot info) for free, I raised the reserve to $25 and relisted for 5 days. The auction came and passed with no bids = no sale. Flippa emailed me asking if I would like to relist for half price? No thanks.

So the end result? My test didn’t go well. I spent $29, spent time promoting my domain auction and wound up with no sale.   You can debate the quality of the domain, the time spent promoting it and the fact the “test” was based on only one .info domain, but I thought I would share my results with you anyway – take from it what you will.

The Web is About to Change Forever…

“Hundreds of New Domains coming soon!”  That is the headline I read recently on   announcing the fact that starting this summer, hundreds of new domain extensions will become available for your business.

It’s an exciting time and there are countless opportunities to register a great domain that can more closely target your market with a premium keyword or brand name.  For example, this will allow you to target your business or personal website to your industry (, or your interest ( or your geographic area (

However, the onslaught of new gTLD’s (generic Top Level Domains) has raised many questions.  For example, even though there will be many more options for domain extensions, the “internet” has generally been acclimatized for many years to automatically think  and type “.com”. Does a business that builds it’s business on a domain extension like “.food” face an uphill battle trying to brand itself?  Will a mortgage broker who registers a domain on “.mortgage” lose customers to the “.com” version of its name?

These questions will be played out as the new gTLD’s become available in mid-2013.

Here are categorized lists of new gTLD’s becoming available:


  .ads   .agency   .associates   .booking   .business   .career   .careers   .center   .ceo   .company   .corp   .ecom   .enterprises   .farm   .forum   .foundation   .gives   .global   .gmbh   .inc   .industries   .institute   .limited   .llc   .llp   .ltd   .ltda   .management   .market   .marketing   .ngo   .ong   .partners   .press   .sarl   .services   .solutions   .srl   .studio   .trade   .trading   .ventures   .xin


.apartments  .Build .builders  .casa  .condos  .estate  .forsale  .haus  .home   .homes  .house   .immo   .immobilien   .land  .lease   .maison   .mls   .mortgage   .place   .properties   .property   .realestate   .realty   .reit   .rent   .studio   .villas
.auto .autos   .bio   .boats   .boutique   .build   .builders   .car   .cars   .casino   .catering   .cleaning   .clothing   .construction    .cruises   .design   .diamonds   .earth   .eco   .energy   .farm
.abudhabi   .africa   alsace   .amsterdam   .aquitaine   .arab   .barcelona    .bayern   .berlin   .boston   .broadway   .brussels   .budapest   .bzh   .capetown   .city   .cologne   .corsica   .country   .cymru   .desi   .dubai   .durban   .earth   .eus   .frl   .gal   .gcc   .gent   .global   .hamburg   .helsinki   .international   .irish   .ist   .istanbul   .joburg   .kiwi   .koeln   .krd   .kyoto   .london   .madrid   .melbourne   .miami   .moscow   .nagoya   .nowruz   .nrw   .nyc   .okinawa   .osaka   .paris   .pars   .persiangulf   .place   .quebec   .rio   .roma   .ruhr   .ryukyu   .saarland   .scot   .shia   .stockholm   .swiss   .sydney   .taipei .tatar  .thai   .tirol   .tokyo   .town   .ummah   .vegas   .vlaanderen   .wales   .wien   .world   .yokohama   .zuerich    .zulu
.accountant  .accountants  .bank  .banque   .broker   .capital   .cash   .cfd   .cpa   .credit   .creditcard   .creditunion   .estate   .exchange   .finance   .financial   .financialaid   .fund   .gold   .holdings   .investments   .ira   .loan   .loans   .money   .mortgage   .pay   .reit   .rich   .tax
.active   .actor   .airforce   .arab   .army   .baby   .beauty    .bible   .bio   .black   .ceo   .church   .community   .contact   .dad   .date   .dating   .democrat   .diet   .exposed   .express   .faith   .family   .fan   .fans   .fashion   .fit   .fitness   .gay   .gent   .gop   .group   .hair   .halal   .health   .heart   .hiv   .icu   .indians   .irish   .islam   .jetzt   .kid   .kids   .kim   .kiwi   .kosher   .lat   .latino   .lds   .lgbt   .lifestyle   .live   .living   .love   .luxury   .mba   .mom   .mormon   .navy   .nowruz   .organic   .pars   .persiangulf   .phd    .ren      .republican   .scot   .shia   .shingles   .style   .top   .uno   .vet   .vip   .vision      .vote   .voting   .voto   .wang  .wedding   .whoswho
.baseball   .basketball   .bike   .coach   .cricket   .dance   .fan   .fans   .fish   .fishing   .football   .futbol   .golf   .hockey   .horse  .indians   .moto   .motorcycles   .racing   .rodeo   .rugby   .run   .ski   .soccer   .sport   .sports   .team   .tennis   .yoga
.app   .blog   .box   .cam   .camera   .chat   .click   .cloud   .codes   .computer   .comsec   .contact   .data   .digital   .direct  .directory   .docs   .domains   .dot   .download   .email   .epost   .fail   .feedback   .graphics   .host   .hosting   .idn   .link   .mail .map   .media   .mobile   .mobily   .mov   .network   .online   .phone   .search   .site   .software   .systems   .tech   .technology   .tube   .web   .webcam   .website   .weibo   .онлайн   .сайт   .اتصالات   .موقع   .中文网   .在线   .微博   .手机   .移动   .网址   .网站   .网络
.actor   .art   .audio     .band   .book   .broadway   .buzz   .bway    .events   .exposed   .film   .gallery   .hiphop   .media   .mov   .movie   .music   .news   .photo   .photography   .photos   .pics   .pictures   .press   .radio   .show   .theater   .theatre  .video
.bar   .beer   .cafe   .coffee   .cooking   .eat   .food   .kitchen   .kosher   .menu   .organic   .pizza   .pub   .recipes   .rest   .restaurant   .vin   .vodka   .wine   .catering   .cityeats   .soy
.abogado   .accountant   .accountants   .actor   .airforce   .archi   .architect   .army   .associates   .attorney   .broker   .career   .careers   .ceo   .consulting   .contractors    .cpa   .dds   .democrat   .engineer   .engineering     .esq   .expert   .heart   .law  .lawyer   .mba    .navy   .republican   .vet
.clinic   .dental   .dentist   .diet   .doctor   .fit   .fitness   .health   .healthcare   .hiv   .hospital   .med   .medical   .pharmacy   .skin  .surgery
.ads    .auction    .bargains    .bid    .blackfriday    .buy    .cab    .capital    .center    .charity    .cheap    .claims    .coupon   .coupons
.deal   .deals   .delivery   .discount   .ecom   .equipment   .exchange
.academy   .college   .courses   .degree   .education   .ged   .how   .mba   .phd   .prof   .scholarships   .school  .schule   .science   .shiksh  .university
.airforce   .army   .democrat   .gop   .navy   .overheidnl   .republican
.कॉम   .佛山   .慈善   .集团   .在线   .点看   .คอม   .八卦   .موقع   .公益   .公司   .网站   .移动   .我爱你   .москва   .католик   .онлайн
.сайт   .联通     .时尚   .时尚   .时尚   .орг   .點看   .नेट   .商标   .商店   .商城   .дети   .新闻   .工行   .深圳   .كوم   .中文网   .娱乐
.购物   .קוֹם   .网店   .संगठन   .餐厅   .网络   .ком   .手机   .اتصالات   .بازار   .كاثوليك   .همراه   .닷컴   .政府   .شبكة   .عرب   .机构   .健康
.招聘   .рус   .大拿   .みんな   .世界   .网址   .닷넷   .コム   .天主教   .游戏   .企业   .信息   .政务
The first group of gTLD’s  should launch in mid-2013.   There are different phases for registration. For example the “Sunrise” phase is specifically for trademark holders.  A “pre-registration” phase allows you to submit a registration request ahead of that date. Pre-registration requests are taken and held in a queue untilit is time to submit.  After these phases, the registration is opens to the general public for General Availability to registeron a first come first serve basis.  To learn more visit

Where Do We FOCUS in 2013?

Did you achieve what you wanted to in 2012?  I was looking through my monthly planner from last year and assessing how I did reaching my business goals.  What always surprises me is how quickly things change.

Each year I write down my Top 5 Goals for the Year, then break it down into monthly targets, weekly “to do” lists and then into daily tasks.  I find that internet marketing, and more specifically, domain business, is a series of ongoing TESTING to see what works and what doesn’t work.  So my goals for the year might remain the same, but my strategy changes according to the results of my testing.  My mantra going into 2012 was to FOCUS ON SELLING, because without selling anything I wouldn’t be in business long.  So, I tested different selling tactics through the year and looking back in my planner I could see the results I’d recorded and then my strategy adjustments.

Strategies also changed because of changes in the marketplace.  There are many niches in the domain business, but when behemoths such as Google make waves, it rocks everyone’s boat.  Google has squeezed parking revenues and Google has squeezed low-quality web sites such as sites with little valuable content on crappy domain names.  So whether you are in the business of buying/selling domain names, monetizing domains, developing websites, or generating leads, etc. – it’s a good time to focus on quality rather than quantity.

That’s my new mantra for 2013 – FOCUS ON QUALITY.  As I do every year, I’ve taken a look back to learn from the past year and written down my goals for the new year. Some goals for my business have changed, and so have the strategies.  I’m always testing things and depending how this month goes, my tactics may change – but the goals remain the same.

Last year my focus was on SALES, and this year it’s on QUALITY. If I can do the two together, that’s a pretty good combination.  So whether you are just thinking of starting a small business online, or you have been online for years and trying to find a profitable path, here’s a few small suggestions that may help you along:

1) SELL – business is about selling, giving value in exchange for money. So make sales.  It’s priority #1.

2) FOCUS ON QUALITY NOT QUANTITY – whether it’s domains, websites, content or whatever, it’s better to have fewer better than lots of garbage

3) TEST AND ADJUST –  You need to find what works and you do that by testing. If it works then scale up and if it fails then adjust your tactics/strategy.

4) LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE – the web is a big place and things change fast. Take a step back and look at the industry, market and niche you are thinking about. How will you make money? Is there a better way to make money? Where would you rather be?

5) COPY SUCCESS – Look at successful business people, learn how they did it.  Read, research, learn – copy success.

I wish you all MUCH SUCCESS in 2013!



Ex-Google Employee Reveals New World of SEO!

“To please Google with your SEO, forget about SEO”  – That’s one of the messages from an EX-Member of Matt Cutts’s Search Quality team, Andre Weyher.

Do you want to know what Google is thinking, how SEO has changed, and tips for your site in the future?  Read on!  I found a recent interview with this ex-member of Google’s inner search team posted on

The interview has important insights into how Google’s search team thinks. For example, Andre talks about Google’s obvious goals and focus –  “…focus is fighting spam and keeping Google’s search results clean so that the user gets the best possible experience. This is a very important thing for Google ….Google’s entire earning model relies on the good quality of the organic results, if people didn’t trust organic, they would stop using search and not click on ads anymore.”

This is evident in Google’s recent algorithm updates to reduce “spammy” content such as Penguin and Panda, and more tweaks are on the way!  “I think the message Google is sending is very clear, they are fed up with people breaking the guidelines on an industrial scale and are coming down very hard on webmasters who do.”

So where do webmasters go from here?  Andre makes it clear that the world has changed – “At this stage a webmaster is out of his mind to still rely on techniques that were common practice 8 months ago.”  He recommends a few tactics that webmasters should focus on in future, and the most important being a GOOD DOMAIN NAME! – “First of all, choose your domain name wisely, having a good URL can give you a head start in the race. Good domains are still expensive and for a good reason.”

The interview is sprinkled with more good SEO tips and old tactics to avoid. For example, Google now puts more weight on the quality of your inbound links rather than the quantity. It’s more about “relevance”. And perhaps one of the most important messages, create good, valuable content that your audience will love and Google in return will love you.  Don’t try to manipulate the Google algorithm.

Lastly, search is evolving with Google moving towards more localized versions of search, as well as growing influence of “social” in search  (ie. Google+).

The entire interview and article is sprinkled with awesome information and provides a guide to where we go from here in SEO and website development.  A big “thank you” to for posting that interview – you can read their entire interview/post on their site at

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